What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications that supports the company’s operations in ever-changing digital economy.

The market forces the entrepreneurs to be flexible and to adaptat to current trends. To conduct business activities in a more intelligent and efficient way, it is worth to use the support tools that will help any company to enter a new era of possibilities.

Dynamics 365 – the benefits of the cloud

The could-based platform – Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines all the be advantages of CRM and ERP. Microsoft’s tool streamlines business operations in many areas – starting with sales, through project management, distributing the workload to the  teams implementing actions to customer service and analyzing customer data. The obtained knowledge helps to create more precise marketing efforts. The tool also facilitates launching products and flexible delivery options. With the help of Dynamics 365 companies can carry out service activities in a dispersed environment of the organization and the customer.

With Dynamics 365 we can create and use personalized analysis in every interaction with customers. Furthermore, the employees receive data that are necessary to make the right business decisions. They also have tools that enable them to make the most efficient performance of their work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for Users

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works with tools, which employees are accustomed to. This includes, for instance, Outlook and Excel. It combines also a number of applications to support business processes and Microsoft Office 365 tools. Decisions may be based on the information coming from Cortana Intelligence, Power Bl and obtained by Azure machine learning. The Dynamics 365 service enables to transform big data into appropriate plans, which then can to be realized.

Digital transformation from Microsoft

The new Microsoft’s solution allows to reduce costs, streamline operations, increase productivity and, most importantly, anticipate customer needs. Dynamics 365 fosters the increase of the company’s productivity and its analytical and adaptive capacities.

Dynamics 365 enables the maximum use of every minute of the team’s work and the efficiency of their operations. Easy-to-use applications offering a single image data and a platform to develop their activities help make better, more accurate decisions.

Dynamics 365 is a new generation of cloud-based business applications that work well individually and together by providing the ability to customize solutions for specific needs. Flexibility allows each company to choose the right solution that will allow them to make a digital transformation happen.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform