The Digital Transformation of Business

Companies are embracing the cloud. The benefits stemming from digitalization and investing in the cloud solutions are the reason why organizations more and more willingly decide to undergo the digital transformation.

However, there are no more doubts whether to implement the changes, the issue many entrepreneurs are not easy about is how to properly deploy them. It is a justified concern because the answer depends on many factors and the specific character of the organization.

Changes are not easy

The Digital Transformation of Business is not merely based on new technological solutions (although these, according to 47% of respondents facilitate the changes the most – read Today’s Business Technology Wish List for Digital Transformation). The crucial point is a fresh look at the current business models and a thorough analysis of what elements of the existing concepts require improvement and which ones a total reconstruction. There cannot be a digital transformation without creating new models and strategies, which will carry out the defined business goals.

Why People Matter for Your Digital Transformation

Many organizations face however reluctance or a lack of a flexible approach towards new solutions. The problem lies in both, the culture of the organization that does not adapt well to rapid changes or innovations, as well as in legal barriers. Without a proper communication of the validity of the changes and stages of their deployment, one should not expect an understanding and support of their employees. Therefore, it is worthwhile to engage the team in the planning process by collecting their ideas or remarks. This would allow the employees to have an influence on that process, and not being reduced merely to its elements.

Digitalization in few steps

While the majority of organizations declare that digital transformation of business has already begun, and some of them talk about getting ahead of the competition in that area, there are still many companies that look for solutions that would accelerate the digitalization processes. The clues given in the graphics below may provide certain assistance. Particular attention should be given to the development of digital DNA culture within the organization, as well as to the decision-making process – they should be based on data, not intuition.

Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

It is also worthy to be aware of the 5 top challenges of digital transformation of business that are most often mentioned by the companies, which have already undergone the first stage of digitalization. They emphasize the importance of comprehension of customers’ behavior and the proper planning of the required resources. Gathering the data needed for evaluation of the accurate value of digital transformation or the need of creating a culture of agility in the organization are quite significant as well.

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