Customer and Partner Portals

Web Portals – custom built solutions for end customers

What are our Portals suitable for?

  • For organizations that distribute products or services through partner channels and want to manage their partner relationships.
  • For institutions that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to offer their customers access to the Self-Care Portal – a user-friendly service for, e.g. request handling, changes in quotes, additional services.

When Netwise carry out a Dynamics CRM deployment for you, they will give you the option of creating a web portal (e.g. Self-Service Portal) that uses the data from Dynamics CRM.

Krystian Hatała
Division Manager, New Projects

The Web portal is connected to your CRM. Any change that is made on the account by your customer, any given request or inquiry) will automatically show up in Dynamics CRM. Your employees see exactly the same data as customers which enables more efficient and faster reaction to customer needs. The service-level agreement (SLA) in your company increases.  Better and faster acquisition of information about the customers’ needs translates into formulating more precise, tailored offers. A web portal based on Dynamics CRM improves in a tangible manner the quality of customer service in your company.

Creating New Standards in Customer Service.

How Do Kiosks, Terminals and Self Service Portals Work?

Organizations (e.g. financial institutions) can offer their clients access to a Self-Care Portal through which the whole sales and service process will be carried out – the users can change a quote, buy a service, issue a complaint, and also check the status of their inquiry.

Self-Care Portals Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Provide:

  • Better communication and more efficient request handling (e.g. ability to change the data)
  • More comprehensive knowledge about the customer – meaning a possibility to get to them with a dedicated offer
  • A single and up-to-date data structure – with direct communication between the users of the Dynamics CRM portal
  • Coherent knowledge base
  • Efficient – new, user-friendly, non-standard interfaces (in accordance with the organization’s visual identity)
  • Lower cost of maintaining customer service
  • Bigger modification possibilities, lower cost of platform development

Web Portals for Partners Servicing – Opportunities

  • Mobile access
  • Full knowledge about events and interactions
  • Monitoring of particular inquiries
  • Information about transactions
  • Access to quotes, templates
  • The function of generating electronic documents (electronic document circulation system)
  • Non-standard, full reports (analysis)
  • Intuitive access to data and analyses
  • Integration of data from external systems, e.g. information about a particular customer from ERP systems

Main industries where Netwise deployed Portal solutions

Financial institutions
Distribution companies