Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business solution for productive sales management, marketing, customer care, project service and field service.

Dynamics 365 creates a 360-degree customer view in a simple and transparent way. It uses not only the information coming from business analyses and other areas, but also from social networks.. All data will be presented in the form of an interactive dashboard. The data can include purchase history of customers, their activity, potential complaints, inquiries, stages of case completion. It will also display communication according to the chosen channels e.g call center, helpline, self-service portals  also the level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Grzegorz Przebieracz
Division Manager, Cloud Projects

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales the sales cycle shortens considerably and the company reaches better sales results. How is it possible? The increase of profitability is an effect of better organization of business processes. Harnessing the CRM’s potential for automation of marketing, sales, or customer service we provide our business with quick return of investment (ROI). The quality of customer service improves and the administrative costs are reduced. Communications formulated adequately to the customers’ purchase path create a basis for positive and successful partnership. It is a foundation on which a mutual engagement is built.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Sales forces are faced with an extremely important task: developing in-depth customer relationships, which every interaction has to be anchored in the proper context through up to date information. It is crucial to use channels preferred by the customer and to be sure that sales activities are appropriate for the given stage of the purchase path. Learn more

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a comprehensive tool to carry out complex marketing strategies in all channels – from operational activities, to planning and implementation of goals, to advanced analytics. With the use of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, marketing communication will be transparent and coherent regardless of the source chosen: email, digital and social media, SMS messages or traditional forms. Learn more

Project Service and Field Service

Do you want to gain customers that stay with you for years? Go for omni-channel service and unlock the full potential of your team. The Service department plays a key role in providing customers with the optimal customer experience Organizations that implemented intelligent customer service tools yield real benefits in the form of growing customer loyalty towards the brand. This can happen with convenient self-service channels and efficient service support. Learn more

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

The automation functions of SFA enable more effective sales. It gives proper insight and leads the user step by step through the processes and provides the appropriate tools. What do we gain? – The time to focus on the relevant customers and our priorities, also it facilitates cross-team cooperation. It all results in fostering a trust based relationships with the customers.

Did you know that in 2015 Microsoft Dynamics CRM was announced the best SFA (Sales Force Automation) solution by CRM Magazine? Read the article to learn more.

Social CRM

Social media listening, sentiment analysis, driving engagement – in these areas it is worthwhile to trust Microsoft Social Engagement. It is a powerful Social CRM tool for sales, marketing and customer services to manage relationships in social media. Microsoft Social Engagement operates in 20 languages and observes hundreds of sources (Twitter, Facebook, videos, blogs, digital media, RSS feeds). It allows you to learn what people think about the services you offer and to reach the influencers within the community to increase overall engagement. Learn more

Mobile CRM

You can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on mobile devices like tablets, computers or smartphones. CRM will be accessible in any place and at any time. Applications for mobile devices give users access to the data collected in the CRM system, including the information on clients, sales, potential sales, and customer service. Meaning a huge benefit is employees can update notes, tasks, contacts, accounts and data of potential customers during meetings or right after them without the need of returning to the office and entering them into the system later on. Benefits:

  • Time saving
  • Reducing chance of lost data
  • Increased accuracy of data