ClickDimensions – Marketing Automation for Dynamics 365

Netwise – the only Polish certified partner of ClickDimensions: a multidimensional platform for marketing automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

ClickDimensions is one of the most advanced marketing tools available in Microsoft Dynamics application store. The solution allows for email marketing, analytics and BI, nurturing leads, users scoring, activity analysis in social media, CRM form integration, or creating surveys. Thanks to ClickDimension you will learn who, and to what degree, is interested in your product and what to do in order to finish their interaction with a sale.

ClickDimensions - funkcje platformy marketing automation
Edyta Kozińska
PR & Marketing Manager in Netwise

Sales and marketing campaigns running on autopilot? Yes, thanks to the Campaign Automation Builder function you will create, just like with building blocks, complete and automatized campaigns. You will adjust the process accordingly to your needs: you will set the activation conditions for any given activity and precisely define the time. Become the architect of personalized marketing paths, which your contacts or leads will follow.

Why ClickDimensions?

You will gain knowledge about prospective clients. Observe and analyze what interested your contacts at your web page or in email communications. Collect more information on account of attractive and interactive forms or surveys.

You Will Create Unique Tools Specific for the Organization. Marketing specialists appreciate the ease of how ClickDimensions creates non-standard forms like landing pages, SMS messages, or lead nurturing campaigns. It is all due to the drag & drop function which requires no programming knowledge.  

You Will Quickly Get the Needed Assistance. ClickDimesions provides free support, training and service. In practice, it means the assistance of a personal consultant, access to training courses (live or from archive, upon request), and additional assistance services.

You Don’t Lose Time Maintaining the Tool, You Don’t Even Need an Extra Servicing Team. ClickDimensions continually enhances the tool, it takes care of the updates and introduces new functions. Leaving you to focus on your goals.

How Does It Work?

The tool is incorporated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The functions are available from the CRM interface level and the information is stored in the CRM database.

ClickDimensions is a Platform Based on Microsoft Azure. Advantages of the cloud? You have a global network of data centers that ensures quick integration, data security and easy scalability of the solution.

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