Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Hosted CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Online, hosted or On-Premise?

Netwise has deployed two of the largest CRM projects based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Azure in Poland, as well as multiple other smaller CRM deployments. Our customers from the financial and telecommunication industry have chosen the public Microsoft cloud and now, every month, several hundred people use CRM Online. We offer CRM system deployments within the customer’s infrastructure (Dynamics 365 On-Premise) as well as private implementations (Hosted Dynamics CRM) and public cloud (Dynamics 365 Online).

CRM in the Private Cloud

Netwise was the first CRM integrator in Poland that launched its own Data Center in 2009 and offered customers the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system in a hosting model (Software-as-a-Service) for a monthly fee, without the cost of the license and equipment. Our Data Center possesses full safety, security, and access assuring infrastructure (e.g. thanks to a multi-source power supply system) as well as ISO/IEC, 27001:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. For a couple of years now we have known that business applications hosting and using private cloud is a crucial element of our customers’ business and cost strategies. This is why, apart from regular deployment models, we also offer implementations that are calculated as Opex expenditure and payments are made in monthly subscriptions.