Going Digital? Have a trusted advisor in your journey!

Business advisory

For many organizations Netwise is above all a trusted business advisor. We treat every project and implementation of a business platform (be it CRM, portals, self-care, mobile applications, SFA or digital marketing solution) as realization of customer’s strategic goals and current business needs. Since 2014 the Netwise team have also provided advisory services aimed at building a digital strategy in midsized and large organizations. We assist companies in the digital journey by helping them in tailoring their strategic actions, so that they can bring benefits in the new, digital world.

Five Elements of a Good Digital Strategy


We advise our customers and build with them such business platforms that enable their customers to quickly access the needed information, trouble-free data exchange between businesses, and access from any device, at any time (i.e. Partner Relationship Management deployments and mobile accessible portals).


We try to design our systems in such a way so they facilitate acquisition and gain the commitment of new contractors to our customers. In order to do so we often suggest addressing the market needs and share appropriate content, building platforms facilitating engagement on the customer’s and partner’s sides, as well as making access to our customers’ employees easier.


We provide platforms that are easily adapted to our customers’ organizations, but also systems that enable very quick configuration of the appropriate offer for our customers’ contractors. To this end the platforms we implement allow much faster creation of appropriate offers on any given device, with full regard to the customer’s preferences and activities history.


Monitoring communication between customers, just like becoming a part of social networks where decisions that are made turn out to be increasingly important for organizations all over the world. This is the reason why the platforms we deploy allow our customers to monitor social media and assist their marketing departments to actively participate in discussions about the brand and products in proactive communication from the company to customers.


Engaging customers in collaborative development of products and values is one of the most important elements of a digital strategy. Creating products with the Lean methodology or forming focus groups to work on a joint offer are scenarios that occur more and more frequently on B2B and B2C markets. Netwise is committed to implementing technological components that facilitate our customers’ cooperation with their customers to create greater value for end-clients.