Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations

We have been doing Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2003

Netwise provides consulting and implementation services in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We specialize in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Care (CC) and Marketing Automation (MA) areas. We base our implementations on best practices and experience that we gathered on numerous CRM deployments in many countries in Europe.

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Types of CRM Deployments

CRM deployments and projects can be divided on the basis of a few criteria:

Size of the Deployment

Netwise has single-handedly carried out the majority of CRM Enterprise class deployments (over 500 internal users) in Poland and a considerable number of large implementations in Central Europe. We also provide midsize deployments (50 – 500 internal users) for midsize and large organizations and offer predefined packages for small companies (5 – 50 internal users).

  • Enterprise (500+)
  • Midsize (50 - 500)
  • Small (5 - 50)

Complexity of CRM Deployment

Very complex 50%
Medium complex 40%
Simple (standard system) 10%

CRM systems deployments may be very complex and cover many processes in an organization; they can also take a form of a simple system adaptation aiming at enhancement of a particular end-to-end process. All deployments made by Netwise are carried out by dedicated teams. We actively consult the customers whether and how to approach the implementation of the strategy and the CRM system in the chosen areas of the organization. During every deployment, including the ones covering several dozens of processes, we work together with the customer, to find the concrete benefits stemming from implementing the xRM platform in every process and actively advice on practicality of such implementations.

Geographical Distribution of CRM Deployments

In our work we encounter both, local implementations for small groups of users located in one place, as well as geographically dispersed deployments in dozens of countries. An approach towards the CRM deployment differs depending on users’ geographical dispersion. We have ready-made templates plus tried-and-tested ideas on how to realize business platforms in every dispersion model.

  • >15 locations
  • 2 - 15 locations
  • 1 location

Our Methodology and Project Approach

While working on a project Netwise employs agile methodologies and iterative approach, where functionalities are provided to customers in short periods of time. A great advantage of that approach is that the value of the supplied components is quickly seen and from the very beginning of the project customers obtain an operating system, not merely a documentation. The customers are able to start using (testing) particular functionalities without waiting for the final system deployment.

Industries we implement CRM for

Netwise builds business platforms based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for many industries but our primary goal is a measurable optimization of our customers’ business processes with the use of our concrete domain knowledge. That is the reason why we have successfully realized CRM deployments in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Trade and distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Media and advertising