Bringing value to the sales networks with Sales Channel Performance Management for POS management

On February 12, 2018, at Microsoft’s headquarters we presented Sales Channel Performance Management as part of the Readiness Program Poland. SCPM is a system designed to support the effective management of points of sales and sales network development.

Our representatives – Wojciech Sobczak and Krystian Hatała talked about how the concept of SCPM was created, how it matches the customers’ needs and where has it already been applied. During the presentation, a demo, including a proprietary solution for settling contests and gamification, was shown.

Sales Channel Performance Management SCPM POS Management Netwise

Sales Channel Performance Management responds to the needs of each sales network model. Supports organizations in processes like:

  • management of the points of sales (self-owned and franchised) and their employees,
  • acquiring and onboarding new partners.

SCPM is dedicated for managers and employees responsible for the management and development of the sales networks. Depending on the organization’s needs, the deployment includes dedicated modules.

SCPM operates based on:
Are you interested in improving the efficiency of cooperation with POS within your sales network?
Are you looking for a tool that will support and shorten the time of making management decisions?
Would you like to manage your sales network based on real-time data and up-to-date indicators?
Or maybe you need a gamification system that will motivate and engage your team?