Netwise is a partner of the Digital Business Transformation Summit

Digital Business Transformation Summit is the result of six months of work within the framework of the Digital Excellence scientific and business program – the first project in Poland devoted entirely to the subject of digital transformation. The meeting will take place on March 27, 2018.

During the event, we will talk about the advancement of business in Poland in the context of digital transformation and actions taken towards digitalization in the following sectors: finance, industry, retail, and public administration.

Moreover, there will be a presentation of the conclusions stemming from the new technologies implementation analysis performed in the largest companies in Poland. The meeting will also include plenary sessions, meetings with partners, and business simulations.

Sales Channel Performance Management Netwise

It will be an excellent opportunity for Netwise, as a partner of the event, as well as for our representatives to listen to the needs of the institutions, especially those operating in the financial sector. Also, our SCPM solution will be presented in the demo area. The tool responds to the needs of organizations operating on the basis of sales networks. SCPM supports POS management, both owned by the company or by the partner.

The implementation of the Digital Excellence project was coordinated by CIONET Poland and Digital Excellence Group in cooperation with Microsoft, the University of Economics in Wroclaw and the Collegium of Management and Finance at SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

The program was based on the exchange of knowledge and good practices by the digital leaders, i.e., the representatives of the largest organizations in Poland operating in the era of digital transformation. Over 100 leaders took part in individual meetings and industry workshops. By sharing their experience, they have contributed to the identification and aggregation of the list of digital readiness manifestations in the form of a coherent model. The factors collected under the model allow organizations to effectively compete in the market in the digital era. As a partner, we participated in the finance industry meeting with representatives from leading financial institutions. During the workshop, we shared our experience based on cooperation with customers from the finance industry.

The participants of the program come from the following sectors: Finance, Retail, Industry, Public Administration.