Netwise’s Experts: 2017 Trends in IT and Business

The year 2016 brought about many important events both for the market and Netwise.  We witnessed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Launch – a set of intelligent business applications in the cloud, or LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft. The Redmond company announced also investments in the European cloud amounting to over $3 billion and made recommendations for cloud regulations.

2017 Trends – New Technologies

We have selected few trends which, in our opinion, will be significant in 2017.

The customer and their needs will still occupy the central position. Companies will automate requests execution processes, monitor the social media, and take into account the data placed by the customers through self-care portals. It will facilitate carrying out a personalized and coherent service regardless of the notification types, including SLA monitoring.

In 2017 one should not forget about data. It is worthwhile to move towards business solutions that allow for managing the data in real time. Integration with the tools already known by the employees is quite important for it makes their job much more effective and easier. Geographic spread will not be an obstacle – business is increasingly more eager to choose the cloud to offer the specialists the access to data from any device, channel, or application. A cutting edge company provides their employees with one up-to-date source of information.

Netwise’s Experts and 2017 Trends

Here are the most important trends of 2017 according to Netwise’s experts:

The cloud and the ready-made IT solutions, minimizing the risks of integrations

Łukasz Bratko, Division Manager, Ongoing Projects, Netwise

  • Migration to the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure) applications that until now have been stored in on-premise IT systems
  • Employing ready-made IT solutions / business application adapted to the needs of a particular industry
  • Choosing suppliers who are able to deploy complex, already integrated solutions, e.g. Dynamics 365 and the moduls: Sales, Customer Service (CRM), or Operations (ERP)
State of art and responsive web applications, stable technologies, Polish IT specialists

Maciej Zawadowski, Division Manager, Custom Projects, Netwise

  • The continuing development and technological variety of solutions occurring every year make dedicated applications more and more popular
  • Surfing the internet on personal computers slowly becomes a thing of the past – that is why the trend of creating applications that look good on any device will surely continue
  • Javascript and technologies based on it (jquery, angular, kendo) will be in the center of attention for anyone who works in creating software.
Data in marketing, channels integration, using Predictive Marketing

Grzegorz Przebieracz, Division Manager, Cloud Projects, Netwise

  • Marketing based on facts. Running sophisticated segmentation, using data obtained from the social media or customer services (requests, complaints)
  • Using videos for presenting personalized offers
  • New technologies in communications. IT tools that carry out tasks in a comprehensive way – facilitate planning, execution and settling of omni-channel campaigns.
Netwise Trends 2017