Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Complete business solutions to help manufacturing companies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports all key sector of the companies from the manufacturing industry: relationship management with partners, resellers and individual customers. The tool allows segmentation of customers as well as creating and expanding the already existing customer base. Microsoft Dynamics 365 canvasses also the service of attracting and retaining distributors (resellers). With Dynamics 365 you will be able to create customer loyalty programs for your partners.

Producers, along with business development, need tools that provide a harmonious construction and maintenance of productive business relationships.

Already at the stage of creating new business models it is worth outlining the vision and strategy that will be realized by an appropriately selected technological tool. Business models based on unique processes and a good relationship with the customer and supported by the right technology, e.g. properly implemented and maintained CRM system have a positive impact on the company’s competitiveness.

In order to improve the planning and decision making processes, creating and expanding the customer base, and building business relationships, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the extensive business platform – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Manufacturing – challenges and opportunities

Today’s production market departs from the traditional model of simple manufacturing and selling goods. Due to ever progressing and changing production environment, the manufacturing flexibility to meet customer needs is essential. Depending on the changing market conditions production demands may be increased or reduced. Nowadays companies need easy-to-use, flexible distribution and production programs, which will enable them to manage the processes more efficiently.

To maintain a competitive advantage, companies are required to be more flexible in their manufacturing operations and to continuously introduce innovations not only in the market but also in techniques of conducting business – business models.

The Internet has introduced new opportunities. Consumer’s expectations have changed – we compare products online, we read opinions of other people, we want to get a specific product within a specific time limit, and though the chosen form of delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – customer service in manufacturing

The production company must skillfully anticipate consumers’ future demands and recognize the changing trends. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports the decision-making process, the deadlines for the various stages of customer service and overall monitoring. The quality of the implementation of applications is constantly being improved. The adequate tools support the management of processes, from the posting registration to solving it and communicating the results to the client. In consequence, it enhances the customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers manufacturers primarily the opportunity to access the information about customers and partners in real time and allows them to improve ongoing business operations. Advanced analytical processes and dashboards provide comprehensive visibility of the activities of the manufacturing plants. It also positively affects the improvement of documentation that translates into a tighter control of the production process, and also facilitates analyzes. As a result we faster and more efficiently come up with accurate observations; we improve the operations and are able to plan better. The decision process is quicker. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures automation of complex and innovative services to provide efficient production.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

The partner channels in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the manufacturing industry provides a better customer segmentation and enhanced loyalty programs. This allows, for instance, to manage better the relations with partners, enables the promotion of active and effective distributors of our solutions – preparing special offers and benefit schemes.

Dynamics 365 is also a detailed knowledge on the effectiveness of the partners – the distributors of our products. We will find out, for example, which partner company sells solutions most efficiently.  Dynamics 365 allows you to analyze the sales (invoices) made by a particular seller. It is not only the promotion of the most effective partners but also a possibility to help the less active distributors through various remedial plans.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing