Workshops and courses available to our employees as we introduce the Netwise Academy

At Netwise, it’s one of our priorities to provide our employees with development possibilities, ensuring access to trainings and certification exams. During our monthly meetings, we exchange knowledge and present interesting solutions used in our projects. W

Now, with the introduction of the Netwise Academy, we are bringing those learning possibilities to the next level. The Academy is an internal training program for our employees. As part of it, we will host outstanding experts and specialists (not only in the field of Customer Relationship Management) in our headquarters.

The first day of training within the Netwise Academy is taking place this Friday, November the 17th. We invited Gus Gonzalez (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for six consecutive years) to be our first guest and trainer. Gus will be at our headquarters throughout the day. In addition to training and workshops, our employees will have the opportunity to ask about the features or issues related to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gus Gonzalez is a world-class specialist, professionally involved in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM since 2006. He was awarded the first MVP title in 2012. He is a certified Microsoft trainer. He participated in the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM system in over 200 organizations.

Akademia Netwise Gus Gonzalez

Source: Microsoft