Direct Data Integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 . New tools, New Opportunities

Microsoft bought LinkedIn last year for the incredibly huge amount of $26 billion. The spectacular news considering LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 was widely discussed. Our own Jakub Skałbania has made some interesting predictions concerning this deal. Jakub highlights the importance of data integration between LinkedIn (networking service for professionals used by over 500 million users) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft Dynamics 365 products. Skałbania pointed out that it was one of the key reasons for the deal.

Now with the official announcement of integration, Microsoft introduces availability of Microsoft Relationship Sales from July 1st. The new tool, which is linking LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 for Sales, will bring even better connection and customer relationship management. It will also rocket companies using Microsoft tools to the next level.

LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integracja danych z LinkedIn do Dynamics 365 Netwise SA

Satya Nadella during 2017 var Sovia = new Tech conference in Warsaw

What is all the fuss about? See top three benefits of LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Spot and Identify the Right Leads

Find the decision makers among over 500 million (!) LinkedIn users. Work out the best ways to reach them with your offer. Even get help from co-workers connected to the right people.

Manage Large Scale Relationships

Boost your sales pipeline, sync data, and engage potential customers. Create attractive and relevant content taking into account users. Keep up with the actual state of their professional development and news they publish (activities & announcements such as being between jobs / changing roles / looking for partners). Be well – informed!

Get Insights into Statistics and Use Recommendations

Monitor your audience engagement through e-mail, CRM, and LinkedIn. It will provide you with contextual recommendations about next required steps. The system will suggest what actions you should take up to manage relationships with (potential & actual) customers.

Integration with Dynamics 365

With the integration between LinkedIn and Dynamics 365, retailers will now have access to personalized recommendations. This will transform random information into relevant and tailor-made content. Ready to reach selected people.

As announced, other new tools benefiting of LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 integration are Dynamics 365 for Talent and Dynamics 365 for Retail.

Dynamics 365 for Talent (available from July) will provide HR workers with an access to dynamic candidates’ profiles. HR professionals will gain the most up-to-date employee data. All thanks to Data integration with LinkedIn, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

The combined mixture of Microsoft’s three products (Dynamics 365 for Talent, Dynamics 365 for Retail, Microsoft Relationship Sales) will undoubtedly bring a benefit for professionals. To date, professionals use data that is stored separately and switches between different sources causing time-loss. Microsoft meets professionals’ expectations and equips them with easy and ready-to-use tools. They can be sure that data is presented in the right context.

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