Microsoft introduces Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft announced yesterday the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource. It is a further step towards one, modern and ready-to-use business platform from Microsoft.

The Cloud Is the Future of Business Applications

Business processes are key component of every business. Companies across all sectors try to adapt customer engagement and operational processes to the digital era in order to make their businesses more secure and to ensure their further development. What digital transformation requires is a certain degree of business processes agility as well as a unification across the business, which in practice means gradual transition away from the traditional division between the ERP and CRM systems.

What New Opportunities Will Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bring About?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is, above all, a combination of the best features of two cloud solutions: Dynamics CRM and ERP systems. It is a single platform available in the cloud that is equipped with particular business applications covering various areas, such as finances, sales, customer service.

In order to secure coherent action and easy modifications Dynamics 365 uses the common model of data and the platform compliant with the applications from the Office 365 family.

Thanks to Microsoft 365 Customers Will Be Able to:

  • Begin work with applications they need at the moment. Applications that are specific for particular roles, industries, businesses will allow to gradually transfer the whole business into the cloud.
  • Reach better productivity where it is needed. It will be possible by connecting structured workflows available in Dynamics CRM with unstructured data needed for the activities of employees (e.g. Office 365 documents, sheets).
  • Use the built-in, ready-to-use analytic tools (PowerBI and Cortana) that integrate big data bases and IoT data into business processes.
  • Prepare themselves for the growth, thanks to flexible applications that allow creation, modification and broadening the scope of processes in real time. With products like PowerBI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow employees will adapt the processes without requiring IT support.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why the Name Dynamics 365 Was Chosen and What Does It Mean?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of business applications in the cloud. These applications provide a number of possibilities that are offered by Microsoft: greater productivity, introduction of advanced analytics into the everyday activities, employing the opportunities given by PowerBi and IoT with the simultaneous use of a safe cloud Azure, new platform for applications, and data model (common for all solutions and processes). The new name emphasizes the crucial meaning of connecting two until now separate worlds: structured business processes and distributed products that come as result of employees’ activities.

Hence, it is not difficult to agree with Microsoft that the new solution will help to revolutionize business.

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