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Netwise is a partner of the Digital Business Transformation Summit

Digital Business Transformation Summit is the result of six months of work within the framework of the Digital Excellence scientific and business program – the first project in Poland devoted entirely to the subject of digital transformation. The meeting will take place on March 27, 2018.

During the event, we will talk about the advancement of business in Poland in the context of digital transformation and actions taken towards digitalization in the following sectors: finance, industry, retail, and public administration.

Moreover, there will be a presentation of the conclusions stemming from the new technologies implementation analysis performed in the largest companies in Poland. The meeting will also include plenary sessions, meetings with partners, and business simulations.

Sales Channel Performance Management Netwise

It will be an excellent opportunity for Netwise, as a partner of the event, as well as for our representatives to listen to the needs of the institutions, especially those operating in the financial sector. Also, our SCPM solution will be presented in the demo area. The tool responds to the needs of organizations operating on the basis of sales networks. SCPM supports POS management, both owned by the company or by the partner.

The implementation of the Digital Excellence project was coordinated by CIONET Poland and Digital Excellence Group in cooperation with Microsoft, the University of Economics in Wroclaw and the Collegium of Management and Finance at SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

The program was based on the exchange of knowledge and good practices by the digital leaders, i.e., the representatives of the largest organizations in Poland operating in the era of digital transformation. Over 100 leaders took part in individual meetings and industry workshops. By sharing their experience, they have contributed to the identification and aggregation of the list of digital readiness manifestations in the form of a coherent model. The factors collected under the model allow organizations to effectively compete in the market in the digital era. As a partner, we participated in the finance industry meeting with representatives from leading financial institutions. During the workshop, we shared our experience based on cooperation with customers from the finance industry.

The participants of the program come from the following sectors: Finance, Retail, Industry, Public Administration.


Jakub Skałbania at MVP Global Summit 2018

Jakub Skałbania, Founder and Lead Consultant of Netwise, participated in the MVP Global Summit, which took place from March 4-7 at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and Bellevue.

The Summit is addressed to the outstanding experts associated with Microsoft products and technologies, who were awarded with the title of the Most Valuable Professional.

During the conference the participants could choose from a vast offer of more than 500 technical trainings and workshops. The MVP Summit is also a great opportunity to get to know Microsoft’s product managers or to give feedback on Microsoft products. More about this year’s edition >

This year the MVP Global Summit brought together a record number of 2,000 specialists from over 80 countries. It is worthwhile to mention that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the MVP program.

Jakub Skałbania has received the MVP title for eight consecutive years, starting from 2010.

Cover source: Microsoft

Bringing value to the sales networks with Sales Channel Performance Management for POS management

On February 12, 2018, at Microsoft’s headquarters we presented Sales Channel Performance Management as part of the Readiness Program Poland. SCPM is a system designed to support the effective management of points of sales and sales network development.

Our representatives – Wojciech Sobczak and Krystian Hatała talked about how the concept of SCPM was created, how it matches the customers’ needs and where has it already been applied. During the presentation, a demo, including a proprietary solution for settling contests and gamification, was shown.

Sales Channel Performance Management SCPM POS Management Netwise

Sales Channel Performance Management responds to the needs of each sales network model. Supports organizations in processes like:

  • management of the points of sales (self-owned and franchised) and their employees,
  • acquiring and onboarding new partners.

SCPM is dedicated for managers and employees responsible for the management and development of the sales networks. Depending on the organization’s needs, the deployment includes dedicated modules.

SCPM operates based on:
Are you interested in improving the efficiency of cooperation with POS within your sales network?
Are you looking for a tool that will support and shorten the time of making management decisions?
Would you like to manage your sales network based on real-time data and up-to-date indicators?
Or maybe you need a gamification system that will motivate and engage your team?

Second edition of the Netwise Academy – React + Redux workshops

On January 24-25, 2018, the next training event of the Netwise Academy took place. This time, our employees, guided by trainers from Iteo, got to know the power of React technology (and will follow up on Redux during the next session) and it’s use for the design of modern user interfaces.

React is one of the most popular technologies used for writing websites. It was created by Facebook, and quickly gained popularity among programmers around the world. It uses the latest trends in the field of designing interactive, fast and responsive websites. According to Github rankings, React is one of the fastest growing technologies, concerning both the number of projects and a constantly growing users community.

The chart below presents the popularity of React:

@angular/core vs angular vs react vs vue

Source: npm trends

Our very first project for a client from Switzerland to begin soon

We’ve succeeded in attracting a new foreign contract. This time we will work on our first project for a client from Switzerland. This is a success that we owe to the hard work of our team. Thus, we are adding another new country on the Netwise project map. The deployment for our Swiss client will begin in January. Our team was chosen after a long analysis and careful consideration, from the list including several Microsoft Dynamics partner companies. This will be yet another project that Netwise will conduct for a customer from the distribution branch, but the very first one in Switzerland. The contract assumes the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 6 countries.

Netwise has already conducted successful deployments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for clients in more than 20 countries. We are craving for constant development, and this also means expanding and looking for partners in new markets. We are delighted that more customers, not just those coming from Poland, appreciate our experience and entrust us with their business.

Workshops and courses available to our employees as we introduce the Netwise Academy

At Netwise, it’s one of our priorities to provide our employees with development possibilities, ensuring access to trainings and certification exams. During our monthly meetings, we exchange knowledge and present interesting solutions used in our projects. W

Now, with the introduction of the Netwise Academy, we are bringing those learning possibilities to the next level. The Academy is an internal training program for our employees. As part of it, we will host outstanding experts and specialists (not only in the field of Customer Relationship Management) in our headquarters.

The first day of training within the Netwise Academy is taking place this Friday, November the 17th. We invited Gus Gonzalez (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for six consecutive years) to be our first guest and trainer. Gus will be at our headquarters throughout the day. In addition to training and workshops, our employees will have the opportunity to ask about the features or issues related to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gus Gonzalez is a world-class specialist, professionally involved in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM since 2006. He was awarded the first MVP title in 2012. He is a certified Microsoft trainer. He participated in the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM system in over 200 organizations.

Akademia Netwise Gus Gonzalez

Source: Microsoft

Jakub Skałbania awarded the Microsoft MVP title for the eighth time

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – a prestigious award goes to Jakub Skałbania, Managing Partner at Netwise

In this way Microsoft expresses special thanks to Jakub Skałbania for his knowledge and commitment, once again listing him among the most outstanding professionals working with Microsoft. Jakub Skałbania has been awarded with Microsoft MVP title every year since 2010.

Jakub Skałbania MVP

What is the MVP award?

The honor is granted to exceptional leaders who have extraordinary expertise, technical knowledge, commitment and passion. MVPs are individuals with great awareness of Microsoft products and services. They share their expertise and experience with the community.

MVP Jakub Skałbania

See our other awards.

Direct Data Integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 . New tools, New Opportunities

Microsoft bought LinkedIn last year for the incredibly huge amount of $26 billion. The spectacular news considering LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 was widely discussed. Our own Jakub Skałbania has made some interesting predictions concerning this deal. Jakub highlights the importance of data integration between LinkedIn (networking service for professionals used by over 500 million users) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft Dynamics 365 products. Skałbania pointed out that it was one of the key reasons for the deal.

Now with the official announcement of integration, Microsoft introduces availability of Microsoft Relationship Sales from July 1st. The new tool, which is linking LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 for Sales, will bring even better connection and customer relationship management. It will also rocket companies using Microsoft tools to the next level.

LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integracja danych z LinkedIn do Dynamics 365 Netwise SA

Satya Nadella during 2017 var Sovia = new Tech conference in Warsaw

What is all the fuss about? See top three benefits of LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Spot and Identify the Right Leads

Find the decision makers among over 500 million (!) LinkedIn users. Work out the best ways to reach them with your offer. Even get help from co-workers connected to the right people.

Manage Large Scale Relationships

Boost your sales pipeline, sync data, and engage potential customers. Create attractive and relevant content taking into account users. Keep up with the actual state of their professional development and news they publish (activities & announcements such as being between jobs / changing roles / looking for partners). Be well – informed!

Get Insights into Statistics and Use Recommendations

Monitor your audience engagement through e-mail, CRM, and LinkedIn. It will provide you with contextual recommendations about next required steps. The system will suggest what actions you should take up to manage relationships with (potential & actual) customers.

Integration with Dynamics 365

With the integration between LinkedIn and Dynamics 365, retailers will now have access to personalized recommendations. This will transform random information into relevant and tailor-made content. Ready to reach selected people.

As announced, other new tools benefiting of LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 integration are Dynamics 365 for Talent and Dynamics 365 for Retail.

Dynamics 365 for Talent (available from July) will provide HR workers with an access to dynamic candidates’ profiles. HR professionals will gain the most up-to-date employee data. All thanks to Data integration with LinkedIn, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

The combined mixture of Microsoft’s three products (Dynamics 365 for Talent, Dynamics 365 for Retail, Microsoft Relationship Sales) will undoubtedly bring a benefit for professionals. To date, professionals use data that is stored separately and switches between different sources causing time-loss. Microsoft meets professionals’ expectations and equips them with easy and ready-to-use tools. They can be sure that data is presented in the right context.

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How Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 support the customer experience?

At Adobe Summit 2017 in the Las Vegas, Microsoft and Adobe provided further details of jointly offered solutions. Learn how Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 support the customer experience.

Adobe and Microsoft announced their cooperation during Microsoft Ignite 2016. It is reported that under the agreement Adobe will run its cloud-based services on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft will use the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite as the official marketing module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition.

Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas brought us further details. The company will offer a joint solution for the total customer experience transformation. New tools will enable organizations to personalize their experience with a thorough data analysis, or to manage content across multiple channels.

Jak Adobe Marketing Cloud i Microsoft Dynamics 365 wspierają customer experience? How Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 support the customer experience
Microsoft for Business Conference: Distribution & Logistics

“How the new partnership can benefit organizations? Data for marketing and sales will be available in one place. A complete picture of a customer will enable organization to offer their clients a consistent interface, no matter if they visited the website through an advertising campaign, or because of contact with sales teams, “says Grzegorz Przebieracz, Vice-Director, Netwise.

How Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 support the customer experience?

Turning Data Integration into Actionable Insights
The development and orchestration of campaigns through Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365

The integration of Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform gives organizations an opportunity to compile customer insights across various channels. Why is this important? This will enable businesses to create a single view of the customer that can be used to personalize experiences across marketing touchpoints. The creators of the ads will have access to key data about the sales, once stored in separate systems. This will allow you to personalize your experience within the framework of business contacts. We recommend the video for a better understanding how sales and marketing can be even more connected.

Cloud-base digital solutions
Adobe Experience Manager, a content management tool, is available on the Microsoft Azure platform

The platform is a consistent interface that provides customers with faster, personalized web experiences, regardless of what device clients use and where they are located. Based on the reliable Microsoft Azure cloud, Adobe Experience Manager allows you to manage your web content across any screen. Using the services of one provider lowers management and resource costs.

Powerful Data Insights
Adobe Analytics is now integrated with Microsoft Power BI

Adobe Analytics enables data visualization capabilities delivered through Microsoft Power BI.  You will be able to add behavioral data into Power BI and visualize the impact of campaigns across segments. This will give you a better understanding which customer touchpoints are most effective. Here is a guide on how to connect Adobe and Microsoft Power BI.

Cooperation between Adobe and Microsoft also changes the face of Office 365 and its tools for effective and creative marketing projects.

If you want to know more about how to work better as a team, or respond to the changing needs of customers in real time or how to deal with more data and how to more effectively implement the campaigns with the greatest effectiveness – visit Microsoft Office 365 website.

If you’re interested in the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe Marketing Cloud, or Microsoft Power BI, please contact us:
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(Photo credit: Brian Smale)

GDPR and Microsoft Dynamics 365 – readiness of the solution for the General Data Protection Regulation

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines new rules for organizations providing goods and services for EU citizens, or the ones gathering and analyzing the data concerning EU citizens. GDPR will enter into force in May 2018. This means that there is just over a year to prepare for the changes, and one should be ready because the Regulation imposes many new obligations on data administrators, severe penalties for non-compliance, and the requirement to report infringements.

GDPR and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft and its solutions support GDPR principles and may help to enhance the data protection and management in every organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures the security of the data in many areas.

Secure identity

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform in the cloud was based on the Azure Active Directory technology that offers a safe authentication process for the person logging into the system. Hence, management of individual users and groups they constitute is much safer. Authorizations can be given and revoked in an easy way. Learn how to protect your business with the use of cloud-based identity and access management.

Secure applications and data

Your data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are additionally protected thanks to encryption – all connections between customers and Microsoft data centers are encrypted. All public endpoints are secured by TLS (Transport Layer Security), which ensures an increased security of the connection between the browser and server. See detailed information about security measures in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Secure infrastructure

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is hosted in Microsoft data centers where all data protection mechanisms are employed. Unauthorized traffic to and inside the centers is blocked and the infrastructure performing these actions is being continuously controlled and tested in order to ensure the best possible security of the stored data. The team responsible for Microsoft Dynamics 365 works in accordance with the stringent standards of Microsoft Operations Security Assurance.

Role-based security

Security standards based on user’s roles and tasks within the organization are implemented in all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. It means that users can access only those parts of the system they have authorization for. The access is determined by the employee’s position. The administrator can easily manage authorizations – granting and revoking them at any time.

RODO a Microsoft Dynamics 365 – gotowość narzędzia na rozporządzenie o ochronie danych osobowych GDPR
Threat management

In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment there are anti-malware measures that guard against Internet threats. The system can also detect intrusion and prevent DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. Read more about physical security employed by Microsoft.

Five steps towards reaching compliance with GDPR

It is worthwhile, today, to take a closer look at how data is managed in your organization. There are five crucial steps that can help:

1. First of all, you should examine what type of personal data is collected by your organization and where the data is stored.

2. That knowledge should lead to an audit – define the rules of access and handling of the gathered data.

3. Protect the data – provide control measures in accordance with the rigorous requirements that will detect all weak points and prevent undesired access or data leaks.

4. Reporting – make sure the documentation is complete and all the cases of giving access are well documented.

5. Remember to check, on regular basis, whether your data protection system functions properly and stays in accordance with the safety procedures – thanks to that you will decrease the risk of irregularities.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365? Get familiar with the platform and empower your business now.

The Digital Transformation of Business

Companies are embracing the cloud. The benefits stemming from digitalization and investing in the cloud solutions are the reason why organizations more and more willingly decide to undergo the digital transformation.

However, there are no more doubts whether to implement the changes, the issue many entrepreneurs are not easy about is how to properly deploy them. It is a justified concern because the answer depends on many factors and the specific character of the organization.

Changes are not easy

The Digital Transformation of Business is not merely based on new technological solutions (although these, according to 47% of respondents facilitate the changes the most – read Today’s Business Technology Wish List for Digital Transformation). The crucial point is a fresh look at the current business models and a thorough analysis of what elements of the existing concepts require improvement and which ones a total reconstruction. There cannot be a digital transformation without creating new models and strategies, which will carry out the defined business goals.

Why People Matter for Your Digital Transformation

Many organizations face however reluctance or a lack of a flexible approach towards new solutions. The problem lies in both, the culture of the organization that does not adapt well to rapid changes or innovations, as well as in legal barriers. Without a proper communication of the validity of the changes and stages of their deployment, one should not expect an understanding and support of their employees. Therefore, it is worthwhile to engage the team in the planning process by collecting their ideas or remarks. This would allow the employees to have an influence on that process, and not being reduced merely to its elements.

Digitalization in few steps

While the majority of organizations declare that digital transformation of business has already begun, and some of them talk about getting ahead of the competition in that area, there are still many companies that look for solutions that would accelerate the digitalization processes. The clues given in the graphics below may provide certain assistance. Particular attention should be given to the development of digital DNA culture within the organization, as well as to the decision-making process – they should be based on data, not intuition.

Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

It is also worthy to be aware of the 5 top challenges of digital transformation of business that are most often mentioned by the companies, which have already undergone the first stage of digitalization. They emphasize the importance of comprehension of customers’ behavior and the proper planning of the required resources. Gathering the data needed for evaluation of the accurate value of digital transformation or the need of creating a culture of agility in the organization are quite significant as well.

Digital Transformation of Business corporate strategy bariers benefits Netwise cloud leader technology artificial intelligence

We enable transformation. Netwise team will analyse you current business needs, help your organization to create a digital strategy, deploy the right business platform (Dynamics 365, CRM, portals, self-care, mobile applications, SFA, digital marketing). Contact us to realize strategic goals.

Netwise’s Experts: 2017 Trends in IT and Business

The year 2016 brought about many important events both for the market and Netwise.  We witnessed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Launch – a set of intelligent business applications in the cloud, or LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft. The Redmond company announced also investments in the European cloud amounting to over $3 billion and made recommendations for cloud regulations.

2017 Trends – New Technologies

We have selected few trends which, in our opinion, will be significant in 2017.

The customer and their needs will still occupy the central position. Companies will automate requests execution processes, monitor the social media, and take into account the data placed by the customers through self-care portals. It will facilitate carrying out a personalized and coherent service regardless of the notification types, including SLA monitoring.

In 2017 one should not forget about data. It is worthwhile to move towards business solutions that allow for managing the data in real time. Integration with the tools already known by the employees is quite important for it makes their job much more effective and easier. Geographic spread will not be an obstacle – business is increasingly more eager to choose the cloud to offer the specialists the access to data from any device, channel, or application. A cutting edge company provides their employees with one up-to-date source of information.

Netwise’s Experts and 2017 Trends

Here are the most important trends of 2017 according to Netwise’s experts:

The cloud and the ready-made IT solutions, minimizing the risks of integrations

Łukasz Bratko, Division Manager, Ongoing Projects, Netwise

  • Migration to the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure) applications that until now have been stored in on-premise IT systems
  • Employing ready-made IT solutions / business application adapted to the needs of a particular industry
  • Choosing suppliers who are able to deploy complex, already integrated solutions, e.g. Dynamics 365 and the moduls: Sales, Customer Service (CRM), or Operations (ERP)
State of art and responsive web applications, stable technologies, Polish IT specialists

Maciej Zawadowski, Division Manager, Custom Projects, Netwise

  • The continuing development and technological variety of solutions occurring every year make dedicated applications more and more popular
  • Surfing the internet on personal computers slowly becomes a thing of the past – that is why the trend of creating applications that look good on any device will surely continue
  • Javascript and technologies based on it (jquery, angular, kendo) will be in the center of attention for anyone who works in creating software.
Data in marketing, channels integration, using Predictive Marketing

Grzegorz Przebieracz, Division Manager, Cloud Projects, Netwise

  • Marketing based on facts. Running sophisticated segmentation, using data obtained from the social media or customer services (requests, complaints)
  • Using videos for presenting personalized offers
  • New technologies in communications. IT tools that carry out tasks in a comprehensive way – facilitate planning, execution and settling of omni-channel campaigns.
Netwise Trends 2017

Netwise completed a CRM and Citizen Portal deployment in the USA

Netwise has completed two projects in the United States. The projects have been carried out for Pokagon-Band of Potawatomi – a governmental organization providing services for a Native Indian community in the states of Indiana and Michigan. Netwise performed a migration of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 system to the 2016 version and was chosen to implement a Citizen Portal.

Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians are a federally recognized self-governing tribe operating under the umbrella of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The customer has decided to entrust Netwise with the migration of Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics CRM 2016 and building an education-related Citizen Portal. Pokagon and Netwise Architects chose Microsoft CRM Portals (former ADXStudio) as the underlying platform.

The main architect, on the customer’s side, Pawel Majkowski is responsible for a wide spectrum of actions, including managing the deployment project, building the vision compliant with formal regulations, mapping end user requirements, as well as coordination tests and final approval of the work performed by Netwise.

“We needed an experienced integration partner who would not only efficiently carry out the migration of our system to the newest version of Dynamics CRM 2016 but would also modify or, if necessary, rebuild the system, so the final product meets our expectations. Netwise’s experience and competencies have convinced us that the project will be in good hands. After the first stage of the cooperation we are fully satisfied and the project has been completed without any issues.”

Citizen Portal for American Citizens

Our expectations were firmly crystallized: we wanted our residents to be able in a simple and quick way to manage the information about the stages of studies, achieved results, or scholarship applications, among other things. We wanted the portal to be easy to use and open for future development, without the need of employing developers. After we assessed the possibilities together with Netwise we decided that the Portal should be built with Microsoft CRM Portals” – Pawel Majkowski explains.

Łukasz Bratko, Division Manager, Ongoing Projects, speaks about the project:

“Dynamics CRM system required a number of custom modifications. Applications were rebuilt, we got rid of external plug-ins, e.g. deprecated Silverlight and replaced them with our own solutions. In the upgraded system we utilized all the newest functionalities offered by Dynamics CRM 2016.”

The Lead Consultant and Partner at Netwise, Jakub Skałbania, comments on the project:

“This is our first project in the United States and straight away we are working for public administration. It is a considerable challenge and entirely new experience for Netwise. The choice of Netwise by an American institution is a confirmation of our consequently implemented strategy of expansion beyond Poland. We execute deployments for companies In Europe and in the Middle East but an implementation for a federally recognized American self-governed institution is a great distinction for a Polish company and something to boast of. It is our policy not to brag about our plans; we just inform about their realization. That is why we waited with publishing this information until the projects are finished and approved by the Customer. In the coming months we will significantly expand our presence in the U.S.”

The Ongoing Projects team is carrying out the project on the side of Netwise. The department is responsible for audits, migrations and deployment takeovers.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications that supports the company’s operations in ever-changing digital economy.

The market forces the entrepreneurs to be flexible and to adaptat to current trends. To conduct business activities in a more intelligent and efficient way, it is worth to use the support tools that will help any company to enter a new era of possibilities.

Dynamics 365 – the benefits of the cloud

The could-based platform – Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines all the be advantages of CRM and ERP. Microsoft’s tool streamlines business operations in many areas – starting with sales, through project management, distributing the workload to the  teams implementing actions to customer service and analyzing customer data. The obtained knowledge helps to create more precise marketing efforts. The tool also facilitates launching products and flexible delivery options. With the help of Dynamics 365 companies can carry out service activities in a dispersed environment of the organization and the customer.

With Dynamics 365 we can create and use personalized analysis in every interaction with customers. Furthermore, the employees receive data that are necessary to make the right business decisions. They also have tools that enable them to make the most efficient performance of their work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for Users

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works with tools, which employees are accustomed to. This includes, for instance, Outlook and Excel. It combines also a number of applications to support business processes and Microsoft Office 365 tools. Decisions may be based on the information coming from Cortana Intelligence, Power Bl and obtained by Azure machine learning. The Dynamics 365 service enables to transform big data into appropriate plans, which then can to be realized.

Digital transformation from Microsoft

The new Microsoft’s solution allows to reduce costs, streamline operations, increase productivity and, most importantly, anticipate customer needs. Dynamics 365 fosters the increase of the company’s productivity and its analytical and adaptive capacities.

Dynamics 365 enables the maximum use of every minute of the team’s work and the efficiency of their operations. Easy-to-use applications offering a single image data and a platform to develop their activities help make better, more accurate decisions.

Dynamics 365 is a new generation of cloud-based business applications that work well individually and together by providing the ability to customize solutions for specific needs. Flexibility allows each company to choose the right solution that will allow them to make a digital transformation happen.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Globalization affects business models and imposes their modifications. Distributors face the new realities. The operational effectiveness is a must and being effective is simply not enough anymore. Today’s business should not be based on moving products from one place to another. The consumer awareness has changed. It is influenced by constantly multiplying options – the diversity of distribution and supply chains that are available immediately, at your fingertips.

Managing a large company is a challenge. In companies with a sheer scale of activities, distribution is a complex process that involves many employees. Customers expect lower prices, faster execution of the orders and higher quality of services. At the same time, they require distributor’s flexibility, customer orientation, and a possibility of product customization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your company

Comprehensive management of complex activities in the company requires the support of an appropriate IT system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 streamlines business processes, helps reducing costs, and improves communication. It supports the relationship management as well as the cooperation with the trading partners. Extensive analytics makes the management’s decisions more apt and accurate, what in consequence improves the efficiency of the business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Learn who your buyers are with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Regardless of the challenges posed by the current situation on the distribution market Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for efficient supply chain management and to meet the customer’s needs. Understand your customers’ needs and preferences. Analyze your customers’ purchase history and shopping preferences. Based on this knowledge offer tailor-made solutions and personalized proposals in response to individual needs.

Therefore, how to understand the market and transform that knowledge into a business success? The first step that brings you closer to achieving that objective is the necessity of enhancing operational efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a source of complete, current information that applies to all customer relations and activities in real time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Improve the quality of customer service with Dynamics 365

Customer orientation and the ability to maintain a competitive advantage are very important benefits of choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365. Understanding the buyer’s preferences and knowledge of trends in selected markets make it possible to provide the customer with exactly what they expect. Moreover, thanks to the opportunity to follow the supply chain from suppliers to final customers one is able to draw conclusions regarding the situation in a particular market, which results in maintaining a competitive advantage. Don’t forget about customers’ loyalty. Sampling is an effective method of strengthening sales, improving the brand awareness and increasing customer satisfaction. Dynamics 365 supports the process of sample management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Automated tasks and deviating from archaic processes of business management can help your company save employees’ time that until has been spent on administrative activities. Your team will focus on what your employees do best: sell actively and serve customers more effectively. With Dynamics 365 the problem of duplication of activities will disappear. Employees will use one, current database and customers will receive personalized service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector

More and more companies become interested in transferring their resources and parts of their processes to the cloud. We observe a progressive transition from the traditional on premise model, which requires from a company to take on the responsibility of keeping and maintaining the servers. The office packages offered in the cloud are gaining popularity and the digital transformation is often seen as a condition for further development of the company. The archaic tools are being replaced with the solutions provided by the SaaS model (that is Software as a Service).

The need for change

According to statistics presented The Economist, for 77% of the companies carrying out the process of digital transformation is regarded as a strategic priority for 2016. Most of them (82%) have also created within their management a position of a leader, who is responsible for overseeing the process of introducing the changes. It is difficult, however, to clearly state who should be assigned with this duty because, depending on how the managerial structure is designed, the task can be entrusted to not only CEOs, but also to marketing, finance or IT managers.

The companies from the financial industry point out the need to invest in digital solutions and are aware of their impact on business. What really counts for them is gaining a significant competitive advantage. As a priority for digital investment in 2016 those companies indicate improving customer experience and the organizational agility. The key to success is, among other things, to prepare a business and investment plan. Through the use of digital solutions CFOs have access to all the data, enabling them to model and create forecasts and plans.

Digital transformation in the financial sector

Digital transformation in the financial sector – the benefits of the cloud

What are the reasons behind the decision of the companies from the financial industry to move to the cloud-based CRM systems? The ones choosing to invest are mainly driven by the assumption of increased mobility offered to their employees (like access to all the apps from different places and from any device). They expect to have a greater insight into the needs of their customers as well. Surveys were conducted to investigate the activities of such organizations and employees themselves have expressed a strong need for change. When asked about their opinion on the tools they used previously, they had described them as inefficient and outdated. Due to this fact, the organizations often decide to implement a completely new platform such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. The process is simply less time-consuming. It is also a more effective approach than adapting the previously used tools to the new needs and requirements of both employees and customers. Some financial companies emphasize that their further development without the use of new solutions is almost impossible. The main benefits cited by users of Dynamics 365 are primarily the increase in the efficiency of the operations, the 360 degree view of the organization and the needs of its customers. The achieved increase in customers’ satisfaction is invaluable. Moreover, the data are stored in a central database, what facilitates an immediate extraction of information needed in order to conduct, for example, an extensive business analysis or preparation of reports.

Digital transformation in the financial sector
Digital transformation in the financial sector

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Complete business solutions to help manufacturing companies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports all key sector of the companies from the manufacturing industry: relationship management with partners, resellers and individual customers. The tool allows segmentation of customers as well as creating and expanding the already existing customer base. Microsoft Dynamics 365 canvasses also the service of attracting and retaining distributors (resellers). With Dynamics 365 you will be able to create customer loyalty programs for your partners.

Producers, along with business development, need tools that provide a harmonious construction and maintenance of productive business relationships.

Already at the stage of creating new business models it is worth outlining the vision and strategy that will be realized by an appropriately selected technological tool. Business models based on unique processes and a good relationship with the customer and supported by the right technology, e.g. properly implemented and maintained CRM system have a positive impact on the company’s competitiveness.

In order to improve the planning and decision making processes, creating and expanding the customer base, and building business relationships, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the extensive business platform – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Manufacturing – challenges and opportunities

Today’s production market departs from the traditional model of simple manufacturing and selling goods. Due to ever progressing and changing production environment, the manufacturing flexibility to meet customer needs is essential. Depending on the changing market conditions production demands may be increased or reduced. Nowadays companies need easy-to-use, flexible distribution and production programs, which will enable them to manage the processes more efficiently.

To maintain a competitive advantage, companies are required to be more flexible in their manufacturing operations and to continuously introduce innovations not only in the market but also in techniques of conducting business – business models.

The Internet has introduced new opportunities. Consumer’s expectations have changed – we compare products online, we read opinions of other people, we want to get a specific product within a specific time limit, and though the chosen form of delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – customer service in manufacturing

The production company must skillfully anticipate consumers’ future demands and recognize the changing trends. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports the decision-making process, the deadlines for the various stages of customer service and overall monitoring. The quality of the implementation of applications is constantly being improved. The adequate tools support the management of processes, from the posting registration to solving it and communicating the results to the client. In consequence, it enhances the customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers manufacturers primarily the opportunity to access the information about customers and partners in real time and allows them to improve ongoing business operations. Advanced analytical processes and dashboards provide comprehensive visibility of the activities of the manufacturing plants. It also positively affects the improvement of documentation that translates into a tighter control of the production process, and also facilitates analyzes. As a result we faster and more efficiently come up with accurate observations; we improve the operations and are able to plan better. The decision process is quicker. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures automation of complex and innovative services to provide efficient production.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

The partner channels in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the manufacturing industry provides a better customer segmentation and enhanced loyalty programs. This allows, for instance, to manage better the relations with partners, enables the promotion of active and effective distributors of our solutions – preparing special offers and benefit schemes.

Dynamics 365 is also a detailed knowledge on the effectiveness of the partners – the distributors of our products. We will find out, for example, which partner company sells solutions most efficiently.  Dynamics 365 allows you to analyze the sales (invoices) made by a particular seller. It is not only the promotion of the most effective partners but also a possibility to help the less active distributors through various remedial plans.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Netwise is a Gold Partner of 2016 Microsoft for Business Conference

2016 Microsoft for Business is the only event this year introducing Microsoft’s innovative business solutions. Netwise’s experts will give presentations within the framework of various thematic tracks.

The largest conference put forward by the company from Redmond to present its business solutions – 2016 Microsoft for Business – will take place in a Warsaw DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in 29-30 November this year. Netwise’s experts will share their knowledge in the following thematic tracks: Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Service, and – by a special invitation – Empower Your Business.

Who should participate in Microsoft for Business Conference?

2016 Microsoft for Business is a two-day event aimed both at the current users of Microsoft’s tools, and the people who are looking for solutions optimizing their business processes. The participants will also gain knowledge how Microsoft’s products support digital transformation. Many examples and case studies will be provided to demonstrate the benefits stemming from the implementation of the solutions, including the products from the Dynamics family. A special attention will be given to Dynamics 365 – one of Microsoft’s newest product that was released in November.

Netwise’s experts, as specialists who possess extensive knowledge and a long-standing experience of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and efficiently recognize customers’ real needs, will give four lectures. The presentations will be delivered in various thematic tracks.

Netwise’s experts during Microsoft for Business Conference
Microsoft for Business Conference: Manufacturing
Microsoft for Business Conference: Manufacturing

Krystian Hatała, Division Manager, New Project Netwsie with Bartek Cymer (Marketing Director, Zortrax) will talk about streamlining the customer service processes in Zortrax, a world leading manufacturer of 3D printers, with the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The speakers will discuss the benefits stemming from the deployment of the solution and will present further steps of the system development.

The speaker from Netwise: Mr. Hatała is a manager with an extensive and long-term experience. He supports Netwise’s customers in processes optimization and creating business models, as well as offers them advice how to organize the project in the most efficient way and prepare the company for the CRM deployment.

Microsoft for Business Conference: Distribution & Logistics
Microsoft for Business Conference: Distribution & Logistics

Grzegorz Przebieracz, Division Manager, Cloud Projects Netwise, will speak about how to manage the potential and competitiveness of a distribution company. The expert will present the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in this sector and will discuss the market trends.

The speaker: Mr. Przebieracz is an experienced manager, who is responsible for planning and providing cloud solutions for Netwise’s customers. He advises customers how to create complete solutions that support the operation of the Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing departments.

Microsoft for Business Conference: Financial Services / Empower your business
Microsoft for Business Conference: Financial Services / Empower your business

Jakub Skałbania, Netwise’s partner and main consultant, and Paweł Jakubik from Microsoft will speak about digital transformation in financial institutions. The need for digital transformation is getting increased attention from the entrepreneurs and is perceived as “be or not to be” for organizations. The issues addressed during the presentation will be supported by examples of customers from the insurance, leasing, corporate and franchise industries.

Jakub Skałbania was also invited by Microsoft to deliver a presentation on the second day of the conference. He will give a lecture, together with the representative of Microsoft, for the Empower Your Business thematic track.

Meet Your Speaker

Since 2004 Mr. Skałbania has been involved in creation and deployment of CRM systems. He is an expert in strategy and CRM systems and has authored monographs on CRM published in the USA, including “The CRM Field Guide” he has deployed more than 40 CRM / xRM projects in the enterprise and SMEs sectors.

We kindly invite to participate in the 2016 Microsoft for Business conference both, the current customers, who have already used Microsoft’s products, as well as the representatives of companies looking for new solutions.

The participation in the conference is free of charge. The number of attendees is limited. Register here:

Netwise is a Gold Partner of 2016 Microsoft for Business Conference

Microsoft awarded Netwise with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year for the 7-th year

We received the Partner of The Year title for the 7th time in a row. Netwise is the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrator in Poland.

We’ve been changing the Polish CRM market and transforming our Clients’ businesses across CEE region with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for over seven years. Being awarded Partner of the Year 2016 title makes us really proud and we would like to thank our customers, the whole Netwise team, and our partner – Microsoft. Now it’s time for Dynamics 365! Thank you!

Netwise Partner of The Year 2016 Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Netwise is the strategic partner of 2016 Dynamics Business Forum

2016 Dynamics Business Forum is a one-day free-to-attend conference targeting representatives of small- and medium-sized business. During the meeting CRM and ERP experts will present innovative tools to better manage business operations, based on Microsoft Dynamics products family.

Microsoft’s partners and representatives will share with the conference participants their knowledge on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the Azure cloud, and Office 365 foster companies’ development. One Microsoft strategy, a concept of integration of various solutions to obtain even greater efficiency, will be discussed in detail.

Three thematic routes have been prepared: CRM, ERP, and business solutions. Presentations will be dedicated to the CRM and ERP functions and the possibilities of using them in small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Netwise’s experts will give two lectures. Krystian Hatała, for example, will address the issue of efficient CRM Dynamics employment in the customer care segment. Grzegorz Przebieracz will speak about marketing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and will present integration possibilities (e.g. with other tools such as Freshmail). He will also explain why ClickDimensions is the best solution for marketing automation purposes.

Jakub Skałbania will explain on how Microsoft technologies enable digital transformation in organizations.

2016 Dynamics Business Forum Krystian Hatała
2016 Dynamics Business Forum Grzegorz Przebieracz
2016 Dynamics Business Forum

Other presentations will discuss examples of international deployments, reports, and business analytics; they will also cover topics like security in the cloud and the role of integration of business solutions.

Representatives of companies looking for business solutions are particularly invited to attend, both the ones already using the CRM or ERP systems, as well as the professionals wanting to find proper tools that would meet their expectations and help realize their business plans.

More information on

Netwise recognized as a role model Microsoft partner during 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

The largest meeting of Microsoft Partners in the world is underway – 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.  Netwise has achieved a remarkable success – Microsoft declared the Polish Dynamics CRM integrator as a model example of transformation into the cloud in the whole Central and Eastern Europe.

The lead Netwise consultant, Jakub Skałbania, was invited to give a short presentation during a Cloud Roundtable for the European partners and Microsoft’s management. In his speech, Skałbania described how Netwise had achieved such a great success, and what factors contributed to such efficient change from Netwise being the on-premise CRM deployment leader to the cloud CRM Online model that allowed the company to reach the highest cloud solutions sales for the second consecutive year.

“Invitation to speak at the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is a real distinction for a Polish integrator. We have been chosen because Netwise, as the first partner in Central and Eastern Europe, has gained a new cloud competency – GOLD cloud CRM in the Enterprise customers segment. The organizers have also emphasized that currently Netwise is the strongest Microsoft partner in the field of CRM deployment as a cloud solution. The heads of the partner channel in the European region have underlined that Netwise very quickly transformed its business model in order to be become more efficient in offering their customers cloud solutions.” – said Jakub Skałbania, Lead Consultant in Netwise

2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Toronto

In the picture: Justin Alderson, Dynamics Lead, Central & Eastern Europe; Jakub Skalbania, Lead Consultant, Partner oraz Hans Zagler, Dynamics Partners Lead, Central & Eastern Europe

The meeting was conducted by Justin Alderson, Dynamics Lead, Central & Eastern Europe and Hans Zagler, Dynamics Partner Lead, Central & Eastern Europe. The presentation took place in Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto on July 11, 2016.

About 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

WPC is the largest such event for Microsoft partners in the world – this year, it has gathered over 16 thousand participants from 144 countries. The 2016 edition takes place in Canada. The conference is a platform for experience exchange, networking, and sharing good practices. It is a place where digital transformation models are created.

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference will last till July 14.

About Gold Cloud CRM

Netwise is the first company in the CCE region that has complied with the requirements and obtained the highest possible competency in the scope of cloud products implementation: Microsoft GOLD Cloud Customer Relationship Management.

The status is confirmation of the highest quality services in the area of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, marketing, social and business platforms deployment in the cloud.

Photo credit: Microsoft

Microsoft introduces Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft announced yesterday the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource. It is a further step towards one, modern and ready-to-use business platform from Microsoft.

The Cloud Is the Future of Business Applications

Business processes are key component of every business. Companies across all sectors try to adapt customer engagement and operational processes to the digital era in order to make their businesses more secure and to ensure their further development. What digital transformation requires is a certain degree of business processes agility as well as a unification across the business, which in practice means gradual transition away from the traditional division between the ERP and CRM systems.

What New Opportunities Will Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bring About?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is, above all, a combination of the best features of two cloud solutions: Dynamics CRM and ERP systems. It is a single platform available in the cloud that is equipped with particular business applications covering various areas, such as finances, sales, customer service.

In order to secure coherent action and easy modifications Dynamics 365 uses the common model of data and the platform compliant with the applications from the Office 365 family.

Thanks to Microsoft 365 Customers Will Be Able to:

  • Begin work with applications they need at the moment. Applications that are specific for particular roles, industries, businesses will allow to gradually transfer the whole business into the cloud.
  • Reach better productivity where it is needed. It will be possible by connecting structured workflows available in Dynamics CRM with unstructured data needed for the activities of employees (e.g. Office 365 documents, sheets).
  • Use the built-in, ready-to-use analytic tools (PowerBI and Cortana) that integrate big data bases and IoT data into business processes.
  • Prepare themselves for the growth, thanks to flexible applications that allow creation, modification and broadening the scope of processes in real time. With products like PowerBI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow employees will adapt the processes without requiring IT support.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why the Name Dynamics 365 Was Chosen and What Does It Mean?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of business applications in the cloud. These applications provide a number of possibilities that are offered by Microsoft: greater productivity, introduction of advanced analytics into the everyday activities, employing the opportunities given by PowerBi and IoT with the simultaneous use of a safe cloud Azure, new platform for applications, and data model (common for all solutions and processes). The new name emphasizes the crucial meaning of connecting two until now separate worlds: structured business processes and distributed products that come as result of employees’ activities.

Hence, it is not difficult to agree with Microsoft that the new solution will help to revolutionize business.

We enable transformation. Netwise team will analyse you current business needs, help your organization to create a digital strategy, deploy the right business platform (Dynamics 365, CRM, portals, self-care, mobile applications, SFA, digital marketing).

Contact us to realize strategic goals.

Why is Microsoft buying LinkedIn?

Microsoft purchases LinkedIn for exorbitant $26.2 billion. What does buying the world’s largest business social networking service by the Redmond-based company mean?

Jakub Skałbania, Lead Consultant and the Partner in Netwise comments:

Data, data, data. The acquisition of LinkedIn translates into obtaining by Microsoft a large, over 430 million contacts database of the biggest in the world business social networking service. It is, above all, a plentiful source of knowledge for Microsoft’s business applications and services, which progressively fare well as standard services in the digital transformation age. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 products will in particular benefit from it.

Key benefits of Microsoft buying LinkedIn

Let us imagine a fusion of these incredibly valuable data with the stored in the systems business information – we get a uniform and professional profile of a potential customer (or a candidate or competition); we obtain a contextual stream of their activities and, what is more, from the very start we get it in the context interesting for us (business environment). Furthermore, in the occurrence of adding a person our CRM system we have a full access to the history of their records, career steps, as well as the relationship with our competition and potential clients.

One of the first benefits of purchasing LinkedIn, as it seems, will be a thorough integration with Dynamics CRM and Delve – an Office 365 product. On the basis of recommendations and a grand collection of LinkedIn profiles metadata CRM Online and Delve users will be able to receive information from LinkedIn on who is an expert in a given field as well as who has ever been interested in a particular product or service.

To sum up, Microsoft has bought the LinkedIn’s data base and not the concept of the portal. It is clear.

Here are some reasons why is Microsoft buying LinkedIn


Microsoft possesses an impressive business products portfolio. Outlook provides the knowledge of our calendar and meetings, Delve says a lot about the documents created in our company, Sharepoint gives access into the internal communication, and Microsoft CRM is a data base of our relationships with the customers.

LinkedIn and its Economic Graph

What about LinkedIn? The company has created the Economic Graph – a digital representation of every employee and their CVs, every available position and all the required skills that a candidate must have in order to get the job. Moreover, LinkedIn owns – a social learning tool that enables attaining competences. For Microsoft it means even more data for Azure machine learning, analyses, BI processes, but also the possibility of creating a service where organizations begin to use business systems (including CRM) that already have ready to go data packets about the market.

Microsoft buying LinkedIn

Office 365 will profit as well.

The products from the Office 365 packet will get a significant amount of information. It is speculated that on account of that the sale of the office software packets subscriptions in the cloud will increase, especially in case of large organizations and small firms. We should remember that Office is a powerful tool with 1.2 billion users including 70 million business subscriptions.

Productivity is a key

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO explained in the letter to the employees that LinkedIn’s acquisition is a realization of the vision about redefining the notion of productivity in business. He also notes that elements like the way people look for a job, develop competencies, sell, offer solutions, work, and eventually achieve success, require a coherent business environment – a place, network that will gather the information related to the professional life (LinkedIn) and the knowledge from Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. We are witnesses to the beginning of that world. If you use Dynamics CRM for seeking and following up sales leads, LinkedIn will give you easy access to the contacts database.

Cortana and mobile

The intention of buying LinkedIn fits well the Microsoft’s Cloud First, Mobile First strategy. The company consequently develop its cloud solutions, adapts them to mobile devices in order to make Dynamics CRM with analytics / BI or social tools available from anywhere, anytime. In the last quarter LinkedIn registered over 45 billion page views, 60% of which came from mobile devices.

Photo credits: Paul Sakuma, AP; Microsoft

Netwise is the first Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM partner in Central & Eastern Europe

Netwise as the only one in the CCE region has met the exorbitant requirements and attained the highest possible competence in the Microsoft cloud products implementation: Microsoft GOLD Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The partner who wants to enjoy the GOLD status in the CRM Online solution has to not only meet stringent criteria regarding the Microsoft CRM Online sale and have five references from the operating CRM Online deployments but also six employees fully certified in the newest version of Dynamics CRM 2016.

Microsoft GOLD Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This is a confirmation of the highest quality of services in the scope of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, marketing, social, as well as business platforms in the cloud.

It is the second gold for Netwise. The company has also achieved the GOLD competency in the standard Dynamics CRM solution installed at client’s premises.

Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM

“This Microsoft competence was one of the most difficult to achieve. We are happy to have done it because of a few reasons. One of those is the fact that Netwise once again showed that as a leader it reacts the fastest on the market changes and adapts the quickest to Microsoft’s vision and plans. We carried out the first large CRM Online deployment on the financial market, the first in Europe implementation of Enterprise CRM Online in the telecommunication industry, and now, as the first ones, we have obtained the GOLD Cloud Microsoft status. Microsoft focuses on the cloud, mobility, and digital revolution, and we, as Microsoft’s key partner in CRM have once again showed that not only we adapt to the changes but we continuously play the first fiddle.” – Jakub Skałbania, Lead Consultant Netwise 

Netwise has following competencies:

Gold: Cloud Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management

Silver: Application Development Cloud Productivity

Netwise consultants will give two sessions during 2016 ExtremeCRM

Netwise consultants will host two sessions during 2016 ExtremeCRM, the biggest Microsoft Dynamics CRM event in the world which is held in Warsaw, Poland, this week.

Jakub Skałbania (Principal Consultant) and Piotr Gaszewski (CRM Architect) will talk on Tuesday about customization and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 for mobile devices (tablets and phones) – session “Customizing Dynamics CRM 2016 for Mobile – Intro and Important Considerations”

During the second speech they will talk about managing the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in complex Dynamics CRM deployments – session Application Lifecycle Management of complex Dynamics CRM deployments”.

Additionally, Jan Rybka (Consultant II) will act as a mentor for a team building Dynamics CRM application during Innovation Challenge, a pre-eXtreme event.

Jakub Skałbania’s article features the prestigious Wiadomości Gospodarcze / Wirtschaftsnachrichten Magazine

The Lead Consultant at Netwise, Jakub Skałbania, was invited to share his thoughts on the near future of CRM systems in the latest January issue of Wi dedicated to management.

Wirtschaftsnachrichten Magazine’s authors

The article is published alongside the papers written by the top Polish and foreign authors such as Kinga Piecuch, Witold B. Jankowski, Andrzej Blikle, Marshall Goldsmith or Richard Barkey.

Read Wi magazine here or go to the article directly via our Netwise in the Media section.  

Wirtschaftsnachrichten Magazine
About Wirtschaftsnachrichten Magazine

Wiadomości Gospodarcze” (Wi) / Wirtschaftsnachrichten Magazine is a Polish-German bimonthly business magazine published by AHK Polska. One of the regular sections of the magazine is a report dedicated to a particular industry or issue.

Netwise again named Partner of the Year – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In October 2015 Netwise was named the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner in Poland. Netwise was awarded with the Partner of the Year 2015 – Dynamics CRM award for the 6th year in a row. The company was honored during the Microsoft Strategy Partner Conference 2015.

Having obtained the best sales results in Europe, again, Netwise has the biggest market share within the Customer Relationship Management implementations area and provides the highest project quality in Poland.

Partner of the Year
Partner of the Year 2015

Jakub Skałbania, Lead Consultant / Partner received the award during the official gala. Skałbania comments:

This has been the third important award win this year. Having achieved the Reseller of the Year CEE award and been invited to join the prestigious Inner Circle earlier this year, it’s even more exciting to become – for the sixth time in a row – the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Poland. The title confirms our preeminent position amongst other Polish CRM integrators. This is also an evidence of our hard work, our clients’ close involvement, and Microsoft’s support. The award indicates continuity of delivering world-class projects and proves expertise, which consists mostly on the ability to understand complex clients’ needs and expectations as well as both deep market and CRM solutions knowledge.

Take a look at our other prizes

Netwise is the only Polish CRM integrator with the Inner Circle title

Netwise celebrates winning another award this year as the company has won the globally recognized title of Inner Circle 2015

Netwise has again caught the attention of Microsoft and scooped the Inner Circle title. This is not the first time the company has been awarded with the title – Netwise received the award in 2013 as well. Inner Circle remains one of the most highly-regarded industry awards for all Microsoft CRM partners. There are only 60 partners across the globe from CRM and ERP sides of the industry holding the title.

Having achieved remarkable results, Netwise outshone the other Microsoft partners and for the second time became the first Polish integrator taking home Inner Circle 2015.

We are extremely proud of the Netwise team for their hard work and are honored to carry out such high quality projects for our customers.

Inner Circle 2015 Inner Circle title
See all of Netwise’s prizes here

Netwise attained the Microsoft Cloud Productivity competency in Microsoft Partner Network

Netwise with the highest Cloud Productivity competency in Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft Cloud Productivity competency is the highest level of Microsoft Cloud competencies. It is given to Microsoft Partners who demonstrated their certifications and credentials from several hundred users of cloud services – Office 365 and Azure.

There are several requirements to get the Cloud Productivity competency, including certifying experrts with full certification in Microsoft cloud services, completing a specific number of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure deployments, as well as attaining hundreds of users for whom Netwise has implemented solutions based on Microsoft Cloud.

Netwise ranked by Microsoft #1 in Dynamics sales in Central & Eastern Europe

In recently published Microsoft market report Netwise has been ranked first in Europe. The company’s Dynamics CRM market share is the biggest amongst all Microsoft partners from more than 30 countries of Central & Eastern Europe.

Founder of Netwise is one of 14 finalists of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

More information can be found on the official webpage: EY Przedsiębiorca Roku 2014 / EY Entrepreneur Of The Year.

About the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ (EOY) programme

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ (EOY) programme passionately believes in promoting entrepreneurship across Ireland and empowering entrepreneurs to grow their businesses both on our island and around the world.

The EOY programme not only ensures national and international recognition for successful finalists and alumni but also provides an invaluable network and business opportunity within a 350 strong alumni community.

Netwise awarded with “Partner of the Year 2014” for the 5th consecutive year

During annual conference for Partners (Microsoft Strategy Partner Conference 2014) Microsoft awarded the best partners in Poland. Netwise was awarded the best partner in Dynamics CRM. This year, we have been awarded for the largest market share in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Poland and for more than 20% increase in license revenue.

Dominik Majewski, Chairman of the Netwise Management Board:

“Being awarded with the ‘Partner of the Year’ award once again proves the validity of our strategy and it confirms our position in Dynamics CRM deployments on the Polish market. We are very pleased that Microsoft recognizes our efforts and the quality offered and confirmed by our clients.”

Netwise Lead Consultant will speak at Convergence 2014 Europe

Lead Consultant at Netwise, Jakub Skałbania, was invited to run the CRM booth and will give three speeches during the biggest Microsoft Dynamics conference – Convergence 2014 Europe.

Convergence 2014 will be held in Barcelona, between 4th and 6th November and will be attended by more than 12000 representatives of Dynamics customers and partners.

Jakub Skałbania, the only Polish Microsoft MVP (Dynamics CRM) will have three sessions during which he will present the newest features of Dynamics CRM for sales (2 sessions) and customer care (1 session).

Netwise – Lanway Strategic Alliance To Deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Businesses across the UK and the rest of Europe will benefit from a new and unique strategic alliance between two Microsoft Gold Partners.

UK based IT solutions provider Lanway and the Polish CRM integrator Netwise have combined expertise to develop an unrivalled portfolio of services, delivered with Microsoft’s online platforms. Both companies can boast an array of prestigious accreditations, awards and industry accolades in their own right.

The collaboration will deliver combined expertise in business sectors telecommunications, education, healthcare and manufacturing with a one stop solution. Microsoft are also upbeat about the benefits of this UK first

Vanessa Kyte Dynamics UK Partner Lead at Microsoft UK added

“The strategic alliance between Lanway and Netwise brings together two Microsoft partners who have customer service at the forefront of their core values. They are now in a position to fully utilise the phenomenal opportunity brought to the market with Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Office365. I congratulate these organisations on this significant partnership, this is a great example of our partners realising the cloud opportunity and seizing the moment.”

Commenting on how this alliance will benefit new and existing customers, Lanway managing director Andrew Henderson said:

“Lanway’s ability in the O365 arena, matched with Netwise’s expertise with Dynamics CRM, will create a professional and eagerly sought-after end-to-end service. In addition, offering the full range of Microsoft’s online services from a single UK Gold Partner will see our businesses grow and the relationships with our clients become more strategic and valuable in nature.”

Jakub Skałbania, Managing Partner Netwise, added:

“We’re continually looking to improve our offering and our presence outside of Poland, and partnering with Lanway helps us to quickly deliver high quality Dynamics CRM consulting in the UK for existing and future Lanway’s customers.”

Netwise has moved to the new, three times bigger office

To accomodate our growing needs for office space and to provide our employees with superior working conditions we have moved to new office. The new Netwise HQ is located in Zoliborz One, A+ building in Warsaw.

Netwise new office
Netwise new office

1st place for Netwise in Microsoft Dynamics Partners ranking, again!

Again, Netwise achieves prestigious first place in Microsoft Dynamics Partners ranking

In the latest quarterly ranking of Microsoft Dynamics Partners Netwise won once again the 1st place. Rank indicates the order of all implementing partners of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by license sales in Poland.

Netwise achieved record revenue growth and increased net profit in 2013

Netwise S.A. in its annual report announced record business growth in 2013 – 77% YoY.

The company proved its strategy of being the leader in Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments through acquisition of 23 new contracts.