Our Team

Crazy about CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365

We were the first in Poland to implement Dynamics CRM. Our experience is being built since 2004.

Not afraid of flying accross the globe

That is why we have CRM implementations in more than 20 countries.

Eager to share our CRM and industry knowledge

In fact, we do it quite often at numerous events and conferences in Europe and in the USA.

Loving what we do for our customers

And customers love us too. With over 120 completed CRM implementations all were 100% success.

Simply, the most experienced Dynamics CRM team.

Netwise employs CRM experts, specialists, and consultants with an extensive experience in carrying out projects in Poland and abroad. All members of the deployment teams are certified in Microsoft technologies, and architects have been working on CRM systems (including Microsoft Dynamics CRM) since 2004. The chief Netwise consultant has been rewarded with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional every year since 2010 and remains the only Polish person with the title. Our consultants’ competencies have helped large and small companies numerous times in realizing their IT dreams and business goals.

We might have met already.

Netwise team members are nationally and internationally recognized as distinguished experts on CRM strategy and systems who share their knowledge in publications, papers, on blogs and at many conferences, e.g:

  • Dynamics for Small Business conference (2016 – Warsaw, Poland)
  • Microsoft Dynamics for Business (2015 – Warsaw, Poland)
  • eXtremeCRM (2016 – Warsaw, Poland)
  • Microsoft CIO Summit (2015 – Spała, Poland)
  • Customer Intelligence Forum (2014 – Warsaw, Poland)
  • eXtremeCRM (2012 – Berlin, Germany)
  • eXtremeCRM (2011 – Prague, Czech Republic)
  • eXtremeCRM (2010 – Las Vegas, USA)
  • Microsoft Partner Strategy Conference (2010 – Ryn)

The full list of our publications, articles and speeches is available on our Netwise in the media page.